8 November 2019, Friday


Matt Lynn co-created Dekkoo's The Third. He worked as not only writer and producer but also as a cinematographer, director, and editor for the web series. 


Matt Lynn is one of the most hard-working writer's, he is famous for his web series like Triad, Everything is free. He has been nominated for various film festivals and has won 3 awards in the past few years, one is for the best short film and two for best cinematography.


Matt is extremely insane about films, earlier he used to be a music minister in a religious church. Days passed and he realized he wants to be a filmmaker and he went to American Film School, explored his interest in filmmaking. He is very much dedicated to his work, he took 3 years to enhance his latest work (triad). His preferred genres are drama and action. Triad is his non-fiction work, he has many emotions attached to this series. 
Matt's life has faced many ups and downs.


Excerpts from an interview:


Q- What was your age you realized that you are gay?

A- I was like 23 or something! I have been with girls but I never got that spark with them. But now I have a huge number of girlfriends and boyfriends around me. I am a very social person, I love going out with friends.

Q- How was your parent's reaction?

A- I told my mother first then, I told my father they both were pretty shocked about it and were helpless. We lost contact for a year, they abandoned me and said you are no longer our child. I had to leave their home. I was quite broken at that time.

Q- How did your elder brother react?

A- I thought my brother would understand me because he is just 3 years elder to me. He couldn't believe it either, but no matter what we share the same blood, I will always be his brother and he has to love me.

Q- What about your friends?

A- We live in a Democratic country and everybody has the liberty to form their own opinions and freely talk about it.  They judged me for some time but it all was just a phase. 

Q- Are you dating anyone?

A- Presently NO!!!! I am happy, I need some time for myself.

Q- Who is your go-to person?

A- My Business partner, he is my best friend too, I know him since my college. I can sit with him for like hours discussing stuff like life, scripts, my ups, and downs, and anything and everything. It's been 7 years and I never felt alone since then.

Q- How was your experience with the married gay couple?

A- I had lovely times with them.

Q- What are your hobbies?

A- My hobbies are, I watch a lot of movies, any kind. I like better to socialize with people, know more about their lives, struggles.

Q- How was your journey from a music minister to a filmmaker?

A- It has been amazing, life was very simple then as compared to now. Leaving home and dreaming of being a filmmaker needs a lot of courage and motivation. But I have learned how things go. I chose a laborious path but it was all worth it.

Q- How much time did it take for you to write the script and film it?

A-It took approx 3 years to write all the episodes but the pilot episode was ready in a year, but side by side I was working on other things too so it took pretty long for us to complete.

Q-How do you keep yourself calm?

A-When ever I am in a bad mood or I don't feel myself, I go out for running.  I just love to run, I can run at any time of the day. Running is in my daily routine.

Q- Do you think polygamy should be legal?

A-Legal or illegal I don't know but I think as an individual we have a right to stay happy and satisfied. If being with more than one keeps you happy, go for it! We can't just sit and think about what others are going to say. If we keep about what others going to think and it will be too complicated to think, you know what I mean right. Everyone has their definition of happiness, just don't judge anybody's choices. Spread happiness!

Q- What is your most preferred genre?

A- I've also been an emotional person, so I like watching romance, but I love making drama and action.


Exclusive Interview by All About Web Series