25 October 2019, Friday


Episode 1


The story is set in the Palm Springs and revolves around three people namely, Carl, David, and Jason. Carl and David are a gay married couple, and Jason being there known to, are all belonging to LGBTQ community. Though they are already married but just to spice up their relationship a bit, they chose to look out for a guy, who can match their needs, which happens to be Jason in their case. After meeting once, they feel that Jason is adorable and can be the perfect choice for their desire of going for a threesome.

Later on, Jason realizes that this is not the right thing because they are already married, and he is just ruining their marriage, but David asks him to stay back as they need him. After that, they enter into a relationship that all of them love and adore and of-course doesn’t want to get over with.

The story starts with an interesting note of how they loved each other and what they ended up doing. A crisp idea is provided in the first installment of their original series. People who love to watch some crisp and loveable storyline, should go for it or at-least give it a try.


Episode 2

After the last stint, that has happened in Jason’s life, it changed him completely. Now, he is seeing these two guys, Carl & David, quite regularly and is looking forward to continue his relationship with the gay couple. But still he has someone to convince for his this relationship, and that’s none other but his father. He seems to worried, that what he is going to tell and what will he say to his father, how adversely it will affect his relationship with his father. All these questions are troubling him.

Meanwhile, three of them decided to shift in a new common house where they can live and make love together, to fulfill their sexual desires. As they shift to this new place, Jason finally decides to tell his father about his sexual orientation and preferences. With a lot of guts, he tells his father about all this, and to his surprise, his father accepts this truth that their son is a gay, which makes Jason feels really good and relaxed.

The episode is calm and easy going but has a lot of emotions woven within it and can be only be felt and cannot be judged. So, the storyline is still going strong and being interesting.



Episode 3


As soon as the Jason decides to shift from his & Katelyn’s shared house, Jason takes all his belongings to their new partner's house. But somehow Katelyn remained to be in doubt that how Jason has changed and get adapted to this change and whether he is sure about doing it or not.

Before leaving, Jason invites Katelyn to the all gay pool party which was being organized by his new-couple partners at their new residence. Though Katelyn was not convinced with the idea of attending the party but neither did she denied nor accepted the invite. But later on she went to the party for meeting Jason and his new threesome partners.

All three of them have already been high on drugs and to it, they also had drinks, which made Jason feel uncomfortable and dizzy as well, which makes him fall on the floor. David thinks that Jason is just a person that has made differences among him and Carl but later he realized that he is bridging the gap between them.

The story becomes a bit tricky in this episode, as the David loses his calm over the speculation that Jason is intervening his relationship with Carl. Otherwise, the suspense factor is still there.



Episode 4


Their life is going happy go lucky types. All of them enjoying each other's company more than anyone else’s. They eat together, sleep together, and of course they make love together.

But suddenly David goes into some setback, where he recalls that he has been left alone and will stay alone forever. And in a later scene, he was seen talking to Aaron, where he refuses to move ahead with the Aaron and their fantasies as well. Then David leaves the cafe lounge and asks Carl that he will be arriving in an hour and then they will nice threesome fun and urges Carl not start alone with Jason, as he is not willing to miss this arousing moment. But out of their desires, the Carl and Jason move forward and continued to make love to each other, while David is still stuck in the traffic and trying to make it to the home as soon as possible. As he arrives, he finds out that they are already making love and David goes out of his senses and asks Jason to leave while Jason still tries to bridge the gap between three of them.

Again the David breaks down and the series has taken a turn towards being more complex & tricky from its romantic side.



Episode 5


The episode starts with a flashback, where David is shown sitting alone when Carl meets him for the first time and from David’s face, Carl figures out that David has something from his past that scares him, and he can’t even share, but as Carl forces him he opens up that he lost his partner. That's how they met and fell for each other.

They then decide to meet a lady called Charles, who had already been into a triad relationship and she tells them that they should first be what they actually are and only then they can be self-contented, self-composed and can stay happy forever.

Jason then visits Katelyn to discuss the entire thing with her and she advises him to give them another chance and this is what relationships are all about. And on the other side, David accepts that he was scared of losing Carl to anyone else like Jason and doesn’t want to lose him. And when everything seems to be perfectly well, again Aaron comes to their doorstep.

Lots of grudges and advices have been shown regarding lgbtq relationships or any in general relationships and as the series is on its final take, it has become more interesting to watch.



Episode 6


All of them can be seen sitting and enjoying a movie together, when David decides to sleep and Carl & Jason stay back. Then Jason and Carl confess that they both love to be in bed too with each other but Carl then asks Jason that it’s not possible as Carl & David are in a relationship but later find David with Jason and join’s them in the fun.

But somehow, David and Carl had a fight after Aaron arrives at their doorstep and David leaves and hasn’t come back since then. Now, the Jason decides to talk to his father about all this and Carl also returns to his home, to meet his son and wife. Here, David arrives and meets Jason at their common place. And tells that Aaron was their first choice for the threesome fun before him but Carl thought of David and Aaron being too close, he dropped the plan and roped in Jason, as the Third guy. That’s why, Aaron set his foot on their doorstep to tell Carl that David has cheated on Carl with Aaron himself.

But now after all this, David tells that he is heading for divorce from Carl and want Jason to be his partner.

The episode has taken a complete U-turn with this and made it even more interesting. The entire screenplay, writing and direction is just amazing, and the storyline perfectly justifies the title, The Third.