1 November 2019, Friday


Episode 1 The Douche’s Lair

The episode kicks off with the introduction of the devil character and one of the members of Kappa Force. It has been showed that he has kept her in a secret place or Lair. The Douche, who considers himself to be a new badass in town, tries to interrogate the Firefox (member of Kappa Force), to know more about the superhero group members, but as she is hard to crack, he doesn’t get any clue from her. The Douche tries to mock the Firefox, but instead he himself gets mocked by her, as she makes fun of his name.

As the episode goes forward, he tells his purpose as, the destruction of the Kappa Force group. As soon as, she refuses to tell the whereabouts of the other members of the group, he stabs her to death.

The episode is made in a short but impressive way. No long story, just a simple yet interesting superhero-based web series. It’s a treat for those who love to watch web series but don’t have enough patience to see the entire story.
So, if someone is a fan of short and thriller web series then its a must watch for them.


Episode 2 Yas! College Yas!

In this episode, the story takes a leap of 3 months, where the Jen (portrayed by Madeline Weinstein) goes to the high school with her grandmother, for further studies, where her grandmother gives her some secret drugs invented to immune her against any intoxication. There she meets her roommate Chartreuse, and they found out to have something in common. Chartreuse is portrayed by Emilie Modaff, who happens to be the producer of the show as well.

Some more characters are also introduced, Luke and Kevin, portrayed by Dan Wenzel and Matt Yee, respectively. Just like Madeline Weinstein and Emilie Modaff characters, surprisingly he also has something in common with Jen and Chartreuse.
The episode is basically about a very informal and unusual way of reunion at a college campus, that too when all of them are totally unaware of each other’s existence, but something is definitely coming into their way that kept them bounded to one another and will be unveiled soon.

Members are being introduced in a very crisp way, which keeps this episode to be a bit low key but as it provides a connection between all the characters that are being roped in, it is relevant to watch otherwise, connecting with the further episodes will be difficult for its viewers.


Episode 3 The Meet Cute

Here, Cassidy along with Pippa is trying to find out the Firefox and obviously her replacement to secure the future of Kappa Force, by organizing a party and personally giving out the invitations. Meanwhile, Jen and Penny are busy exploring the college fair together. Out of nowhere, Jen accidentally bump into Luke and fell on the ground, while enjoying the campus view and the fair, and they introduced themselves to each other.

Another entrant is Brad, who seems to be a kind of heartthrob amongst the lgbtq community of the college. He invites everyone at the Sigma House, where he is organizing the party for all the new students of the university.

The episode has nothing much to tell but to bridge the gap between the episodes before and after this, it just cannot be missed. It gives a link between what has happened and what efforts are being made to recover the already-incurred loss and how to save everyone from further loss. It’s a really very short episode but plays an important role, which can be understood on later stages. So, it’s also a biggie in a short duration. Do watch it.


Episode 4 Meninism

First, it will take you 3 months back when Firefox was murdered by The Douche, and everyone can be seen mourning on the loss, as well as making some honest confessions, about what they have done and made sure that Firefox shouldn’t be aware of all this.

And then it shifts to the current scenario, where the Cassidy tries to find out the last known location of the Firefox. Other members of the group such as Alexa and Lavender enters the scene and their mother come up with an alarming situation, for the first time since the Firefox has gone missing. Lavender being a great hacker, discovers something strange when she surfed the web and found a blog posted by The Douche. Then obviously she searched the state university records about the links between Brad, the guy who is hosting a party at Sigma House and The Douche, but she found nothing intriguing about him, from ever since he has joined the LGBTQ community. But still to investigate further, the mom orders Kappa Force members to attend the party at Sigma House.

The episode has a connect between the scenarios such as what has happened three months ago and what they are doing now, to locate the Firefox and motive of The Douche.



Episode 5 When Will The Beat Drop?

Everyone is super excited for the party, where The Douche is about to deliver drinks after adding something that is unwanted and harmful. The Jen and Penny are trying to get ready since afternoon for an amazing look, whereas Luke and Kevin also seem to be quite fascinated about the idea of party at Sigma House. Jen tries to convince Chartreuse to come along but she refuses. As soon as, Chartreuse read that article which has been published on a blog by The Douche, she decides to come for the frat party with everyone.

When Chartreuse informs everyone to not to go inside as something bad is about to happen, the Kevin makes fun and eventually tries to mock her. The Jen then gives everyone those pills which can immune them if anything harmful goes inside the body.

The episode shows everyone preparing for the famous LGBTQ party of the state university. It becomes interesting as the story is moving towards the event which will certainly lead to the life-changing events. Overall the episode turns out to he interesting as it proceeds to its completion and Kappa Force members comes into action.


Episode 6 The Beat Drops

The party starts within a wild environment and the all LGBTQ community is enjoying the party and goes crazy over the drinks. Meanwhile, the Kappa Force teammates also arrives at the party to look after that everything there should remain peaceful and nobody gets harmed at any point of time. Kappa Force starts searching for The Douche and tries to figure out that what actually he is planning to do.
As the party moves to next level with the music and drinks, the Chartreuse also begins to enjoy the party and Kevin meets Brock where they fell for each other. Luke tries his luck on Jen but again Brad comes to the scene, and Jen’s entire focus shifts on Brad.
In between all this stuff, they realise that everyone is behaving strangely, just like zombies except those who had those pills.

Again The Douche comes out along-with his sub-ordinate Broke and orders everyone to attack the teammates of Kappa Force.
From this episode the main event has been shown, which was actually being planned by the evil character The Douche. The story is crisp and being interesting at the same time.


Episode 7 I’m A Badass Motherf***in Fighter

As The Douche gives commands to its controlled squad, everyone remaining such as Luke, Jen, Penny and Chartreuse tries to escape from the location. Though each one of them are scared of the fact that the party has gone wrong, Jen comes up and reveals her unknown side of being a great fighter. She orders everyone to follow her, in order to leave the scene as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the Kappa Force tries to handle the mob which has gone out of control due to the drug, which was added by the Douche in the beer. But then Alexa (one of the members of the superhero group), throws a ball to control everyone.
Now, the Jen along-with Kappa Force, starts to fight with the Douche and his evil mates, but the Chartreuse saves Jen from the Douche, as he tries to finish her.

The episode is a fight sequence and can be interesting for those who are action enthusiasts. There is no big actions like marvel and dc superheroes but still their style seems to be really impressive. The director and story-writer have made really good efforts to deliver the content.Episode 8 Is it… Pamplemousse?

Jen wakes up thinking that it was all just a dream, which she has seen while being asleep, but Chartreuse told her that it wasn’t a dream and happened actually. It’s only after that when Jen realises that Chartreuse isn’t that bad and is a good friend to keep, and eventually asks her to along for the breakfast.

Meanwhile the President of State University, denies all the speculations of mis-happenings at the Sigma House and tells that Gas leak was the cause of the entire event which ruined the lgbtq community party.

The Kappa Force members then decides to take Jen as their new member as they feel that she has the caliber to perform well and good enough to save the world from the evils.

And for the first time, The Douche reveals his identity as Brad Michael James aka. Brad, who happen to be the son of the President Hannigan, and gets scolded by his father for such irresponsible act.

In the end it has been shown that he uses some chemical which can bring any dead person to life, and he just experimented it on the Firefox, which remains successful.

It has been shown that The Douche is still up for removing the existence of the Kappa Force and will do that.
Do watch and stay connected to revry channel for upcoming season updates, so that you don’t miss the thrill.