Mr. Pappu and Crow give an awareness that we always forget to take care of as a human being. Nature has its role to play and it's always "What you give comes back to you". 

In Conversation with Bhakti World founder Dr. Neelam (Kaajal Rohira), let's try to understand what she believes and want to portray through this short.   

Q - How did you get the idea of producing short films? Are there any plans for bigger projects?

A - We have been working with Bhakti World Foundation from the past 5 years. We have 8 streams
presently, with 6.5 million users monthly, the BWF app was launched 4 years back. The idea of
producing short films came from believing tremendously important relationships. As a human, we
should look after all things around us, be it nature or mankind. We will soon be on Netflix coming
with feature films and much more so stay tuned.


Q - What are the plans for the upcoming film production?

A - We try to make a movie that delivers a message to the audience, like the last work Mr. Pappu
And Crow
. The movie was all about karma, what you give comes back to you. The movie wanted to
give a message that we should keep our surroundings clean, as an individual we should understand
that cleanliness is extremely necessary. Today, we have got so much appreciation from the people,
this boosts up our confidence and motivates us to create more such films. We spread awareness of
spiritually, and help people to bond together.


Q - What are the plans of the Bhakti World Foundation Radio App?

A - We are planning to expand and we need more radio stations, presently we have only one in the
Hindi language, soon we will be having in every regional language. BWF is working on their new
show that will be presented very soon the Swastik Show. Our purpose is to spread a message
through our films. We think only nature is getting ruined by our doing, what about the relationships?
We should unite and create a change for the betterment.

This film is co-presented by Local Legends Films, Associate Producer Ankit Kamboj believes, working for this film is to create public awareness that he strictly apply to himself as well. This film is a perfect example for Swachh Bharat campaign initiated by Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi.