1 June '20, Monday - A simple wedding is a romantic comedy directed by Sara Zandieh. Sara Zandieh is an Iranian American filmmaker whose film, The Pool Party, won second place at the Tribeca Film Festival. It received a Special Jury Mention. Zandieh is a Fulbright Scholar at Columbia University. 

Tara Grammy as (Nousha Husseini) has played the lead role in the movie, she is a humanist who loves her work. She one day falls in love with Christopher and due to parents’ pressure, she decides to marry him. On the wedding day, she gets cold feet and Chris was left at the altar. Christopher O'Shea as (Alex Talbot) has played a role of a bisexual, who was madly in love with Nousha, he loved every inch of her.  Shohreh Aghdashloo as (Ziba Husseini) has played an amazing role of a mother, her best shot was in the 1 half of the movie when she was in conversation with Maggi. Rita Wilson as (Maggie Baker), Chris’s mother whose husband has left her for another man. Maz Jobrani as (Uncle Saman) was a handsome bachelor who falls in love with Maggie Baker and wanted to be with her for the rest of his life.

The movie has lots of drama and suspense. As we know true love ends up together, nothing can separate soulmates in this world. There are countless twists, as soon as we realize everything is great, boom there is a surprise. This movie is a roller coaster just buckle up for 90 minutes and enjoy the wrap.