15 January 2020, Wednesday: Saurabh M Pandey is an Indian film director and writer. He started his career with writing and directing. Anybody who’s closely followed the style he has adapted as a filmmaker, it is very true to the essence of filmmaking we need. While he mostly refrains from using background score to evoke or emote expressions, his candid execution of a scene also makes us feel like we are watching a real story. Before venturing into film direction, Saurabh worked as a songwriter for T-Series. He believed in his dreams and never waited for opportunities to come by his way, but always created them.
Q - How did you become a filmmaker?

A - It was my hobby to write but then slowly and gradually it became my passion. Back in my college days, I have done a lot number of plays. People around me always used to appreciate me which got me here now. As soon as my engineering completed in 2013, I came to Mumbai with a bag full of dreams. 
Working 9-5 never gave me satisfaction and relief, I wanted to create something of my own.

Making his debut as a director with the 2019 Short Film Spotless which was a success, it was a very clear and loud expression of his arrival and his style of filmmaking.

Q - How was your parent's reaction when you told them that you want to be a filmmaker?

A - To be honest, they were not supportive. They said you're a maker of your own life do what excites you. I am happy they reacted this way, this gave me more power and energy to prove myself. 

Q - How was your journey till you become a director?

A - My journey was not at all smooth, I had no contacts in this space, no background, no support nothing. I had to start everything from the bottom. Everyone has to struggle to be successful. But mine was not the struggle period, I would rather say that was my learning period. In every phase, I learned new things.

Q - What gave you the idea to make this kind of film?

A - I had seen many acid survivors around me. It's not only about the individual who has been attacked it’s also about the people connected to that person. The whole family suffers because of one mishappening. The thought process of the people needs to change, society should support the survivors instead of looking at them with disgrace. 

Q - How was it working with Sonu Nigam and Shweta Rohira?

A - It was amazing working with both of them. The moment I shared my idea with Sonu sir he was ready to play the part, he felt connected. This was for a cause, to give a message to the society. Shweta is a very hard-working person, nobody could have acted better than her in this role.
Q - Film has done wonders in the recent film festival, how do you feel?

A - The film has received the best director, best story, best actor in the film festivals, I am coming closer towards my goal. A little appreciation is good in life, it motivates an individual to grow. 
All I want to say is believe in yourself have faith that you can do it no matter how tough the situation gets, create your opportunities, and make the best of it. I believed in my dreams and myself, never waited for opportunities to come by, but always believed in creating them.

Spotless is available to watch on Hungama Play app.

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